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The First Imperial Period-Qin Dynasty

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Qin Dynasty (秦朝) is the first Imperial Period in China.

In 221 B.C, China was unified for the first time. In subjugating the six other major states, the Qin Kings had relied heavily on Legalist scholar advisers.

Centralization, achieved by ruthless methods, was focused on standardizing legal codes and bureaucratic procedures, the forms of writing and coinage, and the pattern of thought and scholarship. To silence criticism of imperial rule, the kings banished or put to death many dissenting Confucian scholars and confiscated and burned their books. To fend off barbarian intrusion, the fortification walls built by the various warring states were connected to make a 5,000-kilometer-long great wall.

Revolts broke out as soon as the first Qin emperor died in 210 B.C. The imperial system initiated during the Qin dynasty, however, set a pattern that was developed over the next two millennia.


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