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Han – another new Dynasty in old China

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Han, was another new dynasty (206 B.C.-A.D. 220), emerged with its capital at Chang'an. 

The new empire retained much of the Qin administrative structure but retreated a bit from centralized rule. Confucian ideals of government, were adopted as the creed of the Han empire. Intellectual, literary, and artistic endeavors revived and flourished. The Han period produced China's most famous historian, Sima Qian (about 145-87 B.C.) whose Shiji (Historical Records) provides a detailed chronicle from the time of a legendary Xia emperor to that of the Han emperor Wu Di (141-87 B.C.) Technological advances also marked this period. 

After 200 years, Han rule was interrupted briefly (in A.D. 9-24 by Wang Mang, a reformer), and then restored for another 200 years. And A.D. 220 the Han Empire collapsed.


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