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Yandang Mountain

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Yandang Mountain (雁荡山), locating in Yueqing Wenzhou City Zhejiang Province, is of the first group of national important scenic sites and it is considered as one of ten famous mountains in China. The name "yandang" comes from the lake of beautiful view on the top of the mountain and where the spreading reed, and the wild geese come and live here in autumn. Yandang Mountain, famous for its peaks, screen-like peaks, caves and waterfalls, is a mountainous natural resort on seaside. With the good reputation of "the famous mountain in the sea", "the emperor of mountains" it was called as "The First Mountain in Southeast China". With abundant and rich culture, it was set afoot in South and North Dynasty, and developed in Tang Dynasty.


Yandang MountainYandang Mountain was formed 120 million years ago. It is a typical ancient rhyolite volcano with area of 450 square meters in total, 550 scenic sites and 8 scenic zones included. Lingfeng Peak, Lingyan Rock and Dalong Qiu Waterfall are called as "Three Famous Scenic Sites of Yandang Mountain".


Yandang Mountain has its special features, "it can stand scrutiny in daytime, and it can thrill with joy at night", "Different positions, different sceneries" and "Tasting seafood while watching landscape". All of these are the three features which are different from other famous mountains.

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