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Former Residence of Wangxizhi

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Calligraphy is considered in china as the art of writing, beautiful handwriting with brush, or study of the rule and techniques of this art.


As a traditional art, calligraphy occupies the same position as painting in the history of Chinese art.


In China, many people can write a good hand but only a few of them could become calligrapher. It takes patient effort and years of assiduous practice to qualify oneself as an artist in this field. One of the great masters in calligraphy in Chinese history is WangXiZhi, he has exerted profound influence on Chinese calligraphers and scholars.


Former Residence of WangxizhiWangXiZhi is an outstanding calligrapher, he was versed in nearly all kinds of styles of calligraphy. His work the preface of LanTing Poems Collection written in running hand is esteemed as the best running hand work in the world. His wonderful calligraphy has long shocked and is admired by calligraphers of all ages. Do you want to know more about the former Residence of Wangxizhi? Now follow learnmorechina and you may have more idea for this famous Calligrapher.



The former Residence of Wangxizhi is located in No. 20, Xiyanchi Street, Lanshan District, Linyi City, Shandong Province. In the main gate of his former Residence, there is a pool. The pool is the inkstone rinsing pool, covering an area of 3000 square meters, why we call it inkstone rinsing Pool?There is a story of WangXiZhi, it says that when he was a child he blackened all the water of a pond in front of his house by washing his writing implements every day after practice.


The characters are “洗砚池”. About 10 meters north of the pool is a flatled towering 2 meters above the ground and covering an area of 150 square meters, which called Drying Terrace, for drying their writtings in the sun. The west part is the 100 meter long calligraphy corridor, displaying handwritings of famous calligraphers in China. If you are interested in calligraphy, you can have a look and practise by yourself.

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