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Zhaoqing Qixingyan

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Want to visit a place with lakes, mountains, rivers? Yes, go to Qixingyan in Zhaoqin City.

Zhaoqing QixingyanQixingyan is located about 2 kilometers in the north of Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province. The scenic spot including Wuhu, Liugang, Qiyan and Bahu, total area is about 8.23 square kilometers. When you go to Qixingyan, you will find there are mountains in the lake, and when you climb to the mountains, you will find caves, further more, in the caves, you will find rivers. Qixingyan is famous of Karst Rock and charming lake. Seven Limestones, which looks like The big Dipper standing on the large lake, and this big lake divide into 5 lakes.

Because its wonderful landscape, people call Qixingyan as the 1st Linnan Wonder and Fairyland of Earth. It is one of the AAAAA scenic spots in China

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