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Steamed Dumplings – a traditional food in Zhaoqing

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Have you found many shops sell one special steamed Dumplings when visit Zhaoqing? Yes, they are “Zhaoqing Guozhengzong” (肇庆裹蒸粽) It is one of traditional food in Zhaoqing.

Zhaoqing Steamed DumplingsSteamed Dumplings also widely made in other places in China, why the steamed dumplings in Zhaoqing so famous? Because Zhaoqing people make their steamed dumplings very carefully. The steamed dumplings have to choose green, nice taste, good quality winter leaves as cover; and the material must be top quality sticky rice, mung bean which produce same year, and pork with fat and thin. Besides, when make the steamed dumplings, Zhaoqing people have to add some seasoning such as spices powder, wine… And then cook the wrapped steamed dumplings more than 10 hours till all material mix together.

It is reported that Zhaoqing people started to make the steamed dumplings from Qin Dynasty. At that time, farmers wanted to carry cooked food to work, that was the earlier steamed dumplings.

Now, steamed dumplings have been one symbol of Zhaoqing City. Many local people will make the steamed dumplings in holidays. Besides the traditional materials to make the steamed dumplings, people also use chicken, mushroom, sausage…

Many visitors, from other places in China and other countries, will not only buy the steamed dumplings to eat, but also interested in the culture of steamed dumplings, and how to make this nice steamed dumplings. 

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