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Leaving a Message with Someone on the Phone

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If you make a business phone to someone, sometimes the people you want to talk will be out at the moment, then you can leave a message with the people who pick up the phone. We know how to make a phone in Chinese, how can we leave a message with someone on the phone in Chinese?


Generally speaking, to let the staff who picks up your phone know who is calling, the telephone number are two most important factors to leave a message. Besides, you can also tell what matters you want to talk. When you tell the staff your name, and telephone number, it is better to speak loudly and slowly.


So when the staff ask “我可以帮你捎个口信吗?” (it means “Can I take a message?”), then you can tell the staff what matter you want to talk, or say “您能转告他给我回电话吗?” (it means “Could you ask him to ring me back?”)…

After you tell the matter, the staff may say “您能告诉我您的姓名和电话号码吗?” – it means “May I have your name and telephone number, please?” then speak your name and telephone as loudly and slowly as you can.

However, after you tell the staff your name and telephone number, he may have not catch it, if you hear he say “您能重复一下电话号码吗?” (It means “Could you repeat the number, please?”), then you can say the number again.


But if someone doesn’t ask me to leave a message, how can I ask him to take a message for me? You can say “Can you take a message for me?” (It means “您可以给我捎个口信吗?”). Besides, after you tell the matter, your name or your telephone number, you can confirm “您有我的电话号码和姓名了吗?” It means “Have you got my telephone number and name?”


Now, have any idea to leave a message in Chinese? 


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