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Haizhu Lake Park

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After your busy shopping or business, do you want to have a relaxed weekend in Guangzhou? Many local people will go to Haizhu Lake Park (海珠湖公园) for their weekend.


Haizhu Lake Park is located in the south of new axis of Guangzhou City. The Haizhu Lake included the internal lake and outside lake. The outside late comprises six rivers, these six rivers connect into a “ring”, and surround the internal lake. That is why people call Haizhu Lake as “Jin Xiang Yu” (金镶玉 – it means gold with jade).


Haizhu Lake ParkWhen you go to Haizhu Lake Park, you will find almost everywhere is covered by green plants, or clear water. So, more and more people will go to Haizhu Lake Park. In the Haizhu Lake Park, you can not only breathe fresh air, see the green plants, but also hire a bike to ride. Further more, Haizhu Lake Park is a perfect place for lovers, because it is very quiet and beautiful. 


It is reported that in near future, a “Haizhu Tower” will be built in the middle of Haizhu Lake, which will be in one line with Canton Tower, and Spots Center

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