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Advertisement on Learn More China

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Welcome here! You may find some products or service selling or offering on Learn More China. Are these Products or services are offered by Learn More China? The answer is no.


Then why Learn More China put these advertisements on the website?

1.      Our website mainly introduces Chinese culture, travel, markets, language, business… So, most of our visitors maybe interesting in above topics, that is why we put some related advertisements on our website.

2.      There are some products / services we want to buy from your advertisers, is it safe? Generally speaking, most of our advertisers are reliable companies. At present, most of our advertisers are from CJ and some famous Chinese companies. Before we put the advertisements on our website, we always search related details. We thanks for CJ and all our advertisers sell their products/services on our website. However, as you know, there are so many products/services from the advertisers, we can not check all before our advertisers offer to you, so you shall also check before you buy.

3.      If the products / services on your website are not offered by Learn More China, how you keep the learnmorechina.com keep running? As you know, to keep one site keep run at least need to pay for the charge for domain and hosting. That is why we add some advertisements on our site. If our visitors see the products / services suitable for them, then after the visitors buy, we can get commission. So if you find the products /services need from our advertisers, go ahead to buy, you can not only get the products / services you need, but also support Learn More China. If one day, Learn More China earns USD 100,000 from our site, we will donate to the world and offer more free resource to our visitors, such as greeting websites.

4.      If you are in business related Chinese culture, travel, markets, language, business… and a reliable company. And if you want to advertise on our site, feel free to contact us


Copyright © Learn More China. All rights reserved

Some of the information on our site is from internet, if it infringes your right, please contact us so we can correct it.

The advertisements on our site just to let our visitors more convenient and make our site keep runs, Learn More China do not have the duty to check the service or products the advertisers offer.

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