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Ming Dynasty

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Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), was the last feudal dynasties built by Han nationality, In 1368, the first emperor of Ming Dynasty – Zhuyuanzhang built the Ming Dynasty. Because the family name of emperors in Ming Dynasty are “Zhu”, so people also call Ming Dynasty as “Zhu Ming”


50 years after Song Dynasty’s over, the dominator of Ming Dynasty got cruel and heartless day by day, it caused peasant revolt in the end of Yuan Dynasty. At that time Zhuyuanzhang was one of the leaders of the peasant revolt, after years of wars, Zhuyuanzhang became a leader and called himself as “Wu Wang” in 1364. In 1368 year, Zhuyuanzhang became the emperor, and built Ming Dynasty. Soon, he ordered Xuda, Changyuchun to attack and occupy Dadu (now it is Beijing), and they got succeed.


Ming Dynasty is another prosperous dynasty after Tang. It was one of the countries with advanced handicraft industry and developed economics at that time. 


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