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7 tips how to start a business with Chinese

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China is becoming one of the largest markets in the world now. Not only you are exporters, but also you are importers, you may be interested in start a business with Chinese. Then, how can we start business with Chinese?


If you are an exporter, you want to sell your products / service to China, how to start business with Chinese? Below are 4 ideas from Learn More China would like to share with you.

1.      Set up a company in China to sell your products / service. By this way, you can sell your products / services by yourself; however, it will cost much money and some time.

2.      Fine Chinese agents to sell your products/service.

3.      Join affiliate programs, let hundreds of thousands of webmasters sell your products / services on their websites, especially provide Chinese webmasters for your affiliate programs.

4.      Advertise your products / service in mainland China, such as Chinese TV, radio, Metro. These will make more Chinese know you and they will be potential customers.


I want to import goods from China, how to start business with Chinese?

1. Look for Chinese suppliers from internet. Told your suppliers what you need to buy or import.

2. Look for Chinese agents, ask Chinese agents to seek your goods from China.

3. Come to China directly; find Chinese suppliers in China by yourself for your business. You can go to Chinese markets, Chinese exhibitions to find Chinese suppliers or visit Chinese suppliers you found from internet. 


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