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Fragrant Hills Park

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Fragrant Hills Park, also called Xiangshan Park in China. Fragrant Hills Park is located on the eastern side of the western hills, about 20 kilometers from the center of Beijing. The Fragrant Hills Park was built in 1186, now it is more than 800 years old and has been one of the famous park in Beijing.


Do you know why the hills called as fragrant hills? It is said that there were two origin:

1. The shape of highest peak looks like incensory, so it called as incensory, in Chinese is it shot for Xiangshan, in English is Fragrant Hills. 

2. Because there are apricot flower on the hills, when the in blossom season, it is very fragrant on the hill, so people called it as Fragrant Hills.

Fragrant Hills Park


When you go to Fragrant Hills, you can find many historical relics. Such as Biyun temple built during Ming and Qing Dynasty, 500 Luohan Tang, Xishanqiangxue… If you go to Fragrant Hills in spring, you will find many flowers, while in summer it is a cool place; and in Autumn, many people go to Fragrant Hills to enjoy the red leaves; in winter, the silver white snow is a perfect sight.



If you plan to enjoy the sight of red leaves, the best season is from the middle of Oct – the earlier of Nov. Usually, the red leaves will be on the trees about one month.

Fragrant Hills Park opens 6:00 – 19:00 everyday.

If you go to Fragrant Hills by bus, below No. buses will go:

No. 318, 331, 360, quick 360 line, 696, 698 and get off at Fragrant Hills Stop;

No. 634 and get off East Gate of Fragrant Hills Stop;

No. 505, special 5 line and get off Xiang Quan Huandao Stop;

No. 630 and get off Beijing Plant Park Stop.


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