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31 Guangzhou Clothing Wholesale Markets

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Before Learn More China wrote an article about some tips how to wholesale clothing and garments from Guangzhou Clothing Market. Some friends may want to know, what are the clothing and garments wholesale markets in Guangzhou? Where are the Guangzhou clothing wholesale markets? Below are the Guangzhou clothing wholesale markets we collect for you:

 Guangzhou Clothing Wholesale Markets

 Baima Clothing Wholesale Market: mainly wholesales fashion ladies’ garments and some brands clothing.

Hong Mian Bu Bu Gao Garment Wholesale Market: mainly wholesales clothing for young girls. Some garments in Hongmian will be very good, but some not.

Shisanhang Clothing Wholesale Market: It is also near Baima Clothing Wholesale Market. Shisanhang Clothing wholesale market mainly wholesales women’s garments, especially for young women. The shoppers usually sell their garments in the morning, and in the afternoon check what styles are new in China and foreign countries, then go to buy fabric and make garments, next morning will sell those styles. So the styles in Shisanhang usually will be new and fashion. Generally speaking, the quality in Shisanhang is can not say very well, but not bad. Price usually will very competitive.

Liuhua Clothing Wholesale Market: mainly for some cheap shirts.

 Guangkong Building: It is opposite to Liuhua Clothing Wholesale Market. Guangdong Building usually for wholesale, so if you want to retail some garments, many shoppers may not sell to you.

 Kangle Cowboy Suits Center: There are many cowboy suits, such as jeans, jean wears wholesales in Kang Le. Many people wholesale cowboy suits in large quantity from Kang Le Cowboy Suits Center.

 Xin Da Di Clothing Center: It is a garment wholesale market mainly for woolen sweaters and knitwear. Further more, there are two wholesale markets face to Xin Da Di Clothing Center, one market wholesales underclothes and socks, while another casual men’s clothing. Though these two markets not very large, but they are very professional.


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