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Beauty and Cosmetics Vocabularies in Chinese

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Would you plan to go to Chinese beauty and cosmetics wholesale markets? If yes, you shall meet many Chinese cosmetics and beauty suppliers. Do you want to communicate with the Chinese suppliers more easier? If yes, below beauty and cosmetics vocabularies will help you.


Skin Care – 护肤用品

Combination: 混合性皮肤

Dry: 干性皮肤

Oily: 油性皮肤

Normal: 中性皮肤

Facial cleanser: 洗面奶

Toner/astringent: 爽肤水

Firming lotion: 紧肤水

Smoothing toner: 柔肤水

Moisturizers and creams: 护肤霜

Moisturizer: 保湿

Sun screen/sun block: 防晒霜



Day cream: 日霜

Night cream: 晚霜

Facial mask/masque: 面膜

Eye mask: 眼膜

Lip care: 护唇用

Lip coat: 口红护膜

Facial scrub: 磨砂膏

Pore cleanser/striper pore refining: 去黑头

Exfoliating scrub: 去死皮

Body lotion: 润肤露

Hand lotion: 护手霜

Body wash: 沐浴露

Acne/spot: 青春痘用品

After sun: 日晒后用品

Alcohol-free: 无酒精

Anti- /

Anti-wrinkle: 抗老皱纹

Balancing: 平衡酸碱

Clean: 清洁用品

Essence: 精华液

Facial: 脸部用

Fast/Quick dry: 快干

Firm: 紧肤


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