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QinHuangDao Longevity Mountain

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QingHuangDao Longevity Mountain (秦皇岛长寿山) is located about 9 kilometers in the northeast of ShanHai Guang. Longevity Mountain is praised as the natural garden at the foot of Great Wall.


Longevity means “long life (长寿)” in Chinese. The whole scenic spots is based on natural scenic, and the theme is long life. When you visit Longevity Montain, you will find unique mountain, local culture, and feeling of long life.

QinHuangDao Longevity Mountain At the gate of the mountain, you will find 3 powerful Chinese characters – “长寿山”, which was wrote by Mr. SunMo, a famous calligrapher at 108 years old. When you go into the gate, you will find many famous doctors’ statues in old China, such as Huatuo, Zhangcujing, LiShiZhen… These statues are designed by Chinese Sculptors LiuKaiQu, ZengZuShao and FutianQiu. While the Wonderful Chinese caracters “神医石窟” was wroted by another famous calligrapher WuZuoren.

Besides, You will find Chinese character “寿” in many different styles in a large stone tablets, which is a wonderful handwriting. Further more, there is a 117 meters long cave, which is the largest Granite cave in China, also a unique cave in the world. There are caves in the caves, and caves outside the caves, caves on the caves.


Tips: If you plan to visit QinHuangDao Longevity Mountain, you can take bus No. 3, 4, 25 to the ShanHaiGuan South Gate Stop, and transfer with Travel line bus. 


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