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2013 Exhibitions at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center

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Have you plan to go to exhibitions in Shanghai? If yes, you cango to Shanghai Everbright Convention&Exhibition Center (上海光大会展中心) is locatedin No. 66 CaoBao Road, ShangHai, China.Below 2013 Exhibitions will be help you. Besides, you can also visit http://www.secec.com for more details:

Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center



2013 Famous and Special Agricultural Products Trade Fair


2013 Shanghai High-End Jewelry Exhibition


2013 the 7th China Spring Festival food (China Everbright Exhibition)  



2013 China Heat Pump Exhibition & 2013 China (Shanghai) Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Hot Water Equipment Exhibition 


2013 China Shanghai First Quality Poultry (Chicken) Sourcing Fair


2013 the 14th Shanghai International Advertising Four New Exhibition


2013 the 18th Shanghai Beauty Salon Cosmetics Expo


The 13th International Conference on Department of Ophthalmology academic  



2013 Shanghai International Medical Tourism Conference & Shanghai International High-End Healthcare Services Exhibition 


2013 the 3rd Shanghai International Oilfield Chemicals and Proppant Exhibition and Conference


2013 Surface Active Agents and Detergents  


2013 the 86th China Labor Protection Supplies Fair


China International Weighing Instrument Exhibition  


2013 China (Shanghai) International Powder Metallurgy and Fine Ceramics Exhibition and Conference  


2013 China (Shanghai) International Green Environmental Protection Casting Industry Exhibition & Conference  



2013 Shanghai Jewelry Fair  


2013 the 7th China (Shanghai) Industrial Catalysis, Motor Vehicle Pollution Control and Desulfurization and Denitration Technology and Equipment Exhibition  


The 3rd China (Shanghai) International Artificial Leather Synthetic Leather Industry Exhibition  


2013 the 10th China (Shanghai) International Edible Oil and Olive Oil Industry Expo


2013 the 10th China International Nutrition and health industry (Shanghai) Exhibition  


2013 the 10th China International Wine Expo (Shanghai)  


2013 International Organic Food and Green Food (Shanghai) Expo  


2013 China (Shanghai) International Supermarket Sourcing Fair  


2013 the 3rd China (Shanghai) Building Energy Fair  


The 13th Asian Conference on radiation curing & the 5th China International Ultraviolet Electron Beam Curing Materials, Equipment and Products Exhibition 


2013 Shanghai International Exhibition of Starch and Starch Derivatives and New Technology, New Equipment Workshop


2013 the 5th China Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation and Purification 


2013 Shanghai Data Center Technology and Equipment Exhibition  


2013 the 5th China (Shanghai) Residential Comfortable Environment Technology Expo and the 3rd Building Energy-Saving Exhibition 


2013 the 8th Shanghai Cabinet, Integrated Wiring and Optical Fiber Communication Exhibition   


The 6th International Biotechnology Industry Innovation Forum (Shanghai) Exhibition of the  6th  (2013) International Biological Medicine Production  


2013 the 13th Venture investment and Franchise Exhibition  


2013 (Shanghai) the 9th Investment Finance Expo 



Shanghai International Fashion Fair occupation 


2013 China Health Industry Expo and the 13th China Pharmacy and Medical Beauty Care Products Expo 


2013 Shanghai International Industrial Automation and Control Technology Exhibition and Sensor Measurement


2013 Shanghai International Amusement Equipment Exhibition  


2013 China Food Expo  


2013 the 8th China (Shanghai) International Meat Industry Exhibition


2013 China (Shanghai) International Cutting Tools and Tool Exhibition 



2013 Shanghai School Bus and Seat & 2013 Educational Equipment and Furniture Exhibition 2013


2013 China Shanghai Fine Arts and Crafts & Collections and Classical Furniture Exhibition 


2013 the 5th Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Materials and Magnet Core (Shanghai) Exhibition 


The 23th The EMC Conference and Shanghai Microwave Theory & Radio Frequency and Antenna Technology Exhibition 


2013 International Electronic Transformer and Inductor


2013 the 5th Shanghai Electronic Cooling Equipment and Thermoelectric Cooling Eevices     



2013 (Shanghai) International Oral Equipment Fair 



2013 the 11th China International Tire Fair    


2013 the 8th Automobile Testing and Quality Control 


2013 the 4th Shanghai International Refrigerated Food Fair & Shanghai International Food Ingredients 


2013 the 2nd Shanghai International Condiment and Food Ingredients 


2013 China International Wire & Cable Industry Exhibition  


2013 the 5th World Hydrogen Energy Conference 


2013 Golden Week of Brand Products Fair Shopping Festival 



2013 China Ice Cream Frozen Food Equipment and Raw Materials Exhibition 


The 13th  National Agricultural Chemicals Communication Exhibition & Agricultural Products Exhibition


 Shanghai International Electromagnetic Compatibility and Microwave Antenna Technology Exhibition


2013 the 8th China China Advanced Composite Material Products, Raw Materials, Tooling and Engineering Application


The 18th China International Quality Control & Test Industrial Equipment Exhibition 



2013 the 3rd Shanghai Biological Fermentation Products and Technical Equipment Exhibition and China Fermentation Industry Association Annual Meeting 


2013 the 7th China (Shanghai) wine and Spirits Exhibition 


2013 the 7th Chinese Food Safety Control and Detection Instruments and Equipment Exhibition  


The 12th Shanghai Fashion Home Furnishing Supplies, Decorations and Crafts Exhibition


2013 the 7th Chinese Health Edible Oil Industry Expo 



2013 the 3rd Shanghai Electronic Commerce and Network Trade Fair





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