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How to build a website?

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The 21st century is electronic commerce period. During our daily life, we not only buy commodity from actual shops, but also order from online shops. Now, many companies, shops, factories have build their websites, a site on the internet is as important as an actual company/shop/factory. Therefore, how to build a website?


Generally speaking, there are mainly two different methods to build a website: 1. create a website under other site’s system; 2. build your own website.


If you create a website under other site’s system, such as build your website on some b2b sites (for example- ec21, ebay, alibaba…), or create your free website under some templates from website creators (webumino, webs, weebly…) If you create a free website under other site’s system, you may have a second level domain, there maybe several different templates for you to choose for your online site. Besides, most of these sites also offer paid member, there will be more service you can get if you become a paid member.


While if you create your own website, then there are two main factors require: a domain and a website hosting. Here is some tips for how to build a site from Learn More China after we had built some sites:

1.     register a domain: It is better to choose a easily remember domain related with your website. For example, our site’s target is to make more people learn more knowledge about china, such as wholesale markets, travel, language, business… So, we register learnmorechina.com as our domain; if you are going to sell clothing, you may register a domain related with clothing, or clothes, garments…While, if you want to sell cosmetics, then a domain related with cosmetics will be better.

2.     When register a domain, we found there are .com, .co, .info, .org… what is the best one shall we register? It will depend on the site you are going to build, usually, .com is the most popular.

3.     Where can we register a domain? We can register from some domain provider, such as www.GoDaddy.com How to build a website?, or other agents.

4.     After we have registered a domain, it is better that we have something for our site. For example, if we want to open an online shop, then you may choose ecshop, zencart, magento… While if you plan to build a site for articles, you can choose some system like CMS, blogs… If you are familiar with these programs, then you can build the site by yourself. We are not good at these systems, how can we do that? Don’t worry, you can go to witmart, and post your job, there are hundreds of thousands programmers will service for you.

5.     When the website system finish, we need a website hosting for our site. A website hosting just like a space for your website, and a domain like a house number. How can we choose website hosting? It depends on your target visitors? If your target visitors are from all over the world, then website hosting in USA, such a famous website hosting - New Hosting Plans On Sale now at GoDaddy.com!How to build a website? will be recommend. While your visitors mainly from your country, then you can choose website hosting in your country. Tips: when choose a website hosting, it is better to choose the right computer system (windows/Linux…) and data base (SQL server, mysql…).

6.     Ok, now we have our domain, and website system, and website hosting, what can we do next? Well, first, domain resolution is required. And then, use a transfer too, such as flashFXP , FTP to upload the system to our website hosting.

7.     Visit your website to check whether it is ok. If website not run ok, check what happen; If yes, congratulation. 

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