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12 Valentine’s Day in all year

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Valentine’s Day is one important holiday among lovers. Many people know that Valentine’s day is on February 14th. Actually, there is Valentine’s Day every month; do you know all Valentine’s Day in all year? Besides the February 14th’s Valentine’s Day, do you also hear about below Valentine’s days?

Jan. 14th: diary day Valentine’s Day. On this Valentine’s Day lover will present their diaries to each other.

Feb. 14th : St Valentine’s Day – the traditional Valentine’s Day, many lovers will prepare various gifts from markets or online shops for their lovers.

Mar. 14th : White Valentine’s Day – the day for boys to give gifts back to girls

Apr. 14th : black Valentine’s Day – bachelordom of noble people

May. 14th Yellow and Rose Valentine’s Day – On that day, wear in yellow, and eat yellow Curry Rice, that means to everyone you are a single. Furthermore, on that day, if you give a red rose to somebody, means you love him or her; if a white rose, that means you are consider; however, if give a yellow rose, that means say goodbye.

Jun. 14th : Kiss Valentine’s Day – Lovers kiss each other to tell their lover the love

Jul. 14th: Silver Valentine’s Day – take her or him of your heart to your family, introduce to your father and mother

Aug. 14th: Green Valentine’s Day – go to a cool green forest with your lover in the hot summer

Sep. 14th: Music and photo Valentine’s Day – a wonderful day to held social affair. Also, many sweethearts will take photos under this blue sunny day, so that is why call photo Valentine’s Day

Oct. 14th : Wine Valentine’s Day - a Valentine’ Day to drink wine

Nov.14th: Orange and Movie Valentine’s Day: On that day, lovebirds after two movies drink nice orange, so romantic.

Dec. 31st : internet Valentine’s Day - to the memory of internet love.

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