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Crowdsourcing for Business

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Everyone is a talent. Some one is good at writing; some one is skilled in cooking, while some one is expert in design…We are experts in some fields, but we can not be experts for all fields. During our business life, we have to deal with many fields, how can we do well when we are not experts in those fields? Yes, right, ask related experts to do that. However, almost all companies can not hire all experts in the company; we have to find experts outside the company. What can we do that? Now days, there is a model - crowdsourcing, which we can get service from other experts.


Crowdsourcing, has been a trend for E-commerce, especially for small business and SOHO. As we know, 21st century is a period for E-commerce, it is reported that there is a website among one in four people. To create a website is easy, we can create a website from some website systems, such as blogs, CMS, or other templates; you may also hire website builders or a person to build your site from Wirtmart; also, if you are good at program, you may built a website by yourself. To create a website or start a business is easy, but to keep the site or business running and growing is much difficult. Why?


After your start your site or business, you will find there are many things to do: design a logo for your site/business, graphic processing, article writing, marketing, customer’s service… Therefore, when a business starts, we need to hire staffs. As a business man, do you also want to hire talent staffs at effective cost for your business? That is crowdsourcing.


What can we get from crowdsourcing for business? Compare with traditional employ, there are mainly four advantages when we work with a good crowdsourcing agency.

1.     Once you post your job, you can instant access to quality talents with a variety of expertise and skill from around the world. Because a good crowdsourcing agent gathers hundreds of thousands of talents. Different experts are working or waiting jobs.

2.     Get a variety of solutions and ideas from many different talents. Due to there are many talents in this community, different expert has different idea, so you can get variety of solutions and ideas.

3.     Cost-effective and time saving. There are strengths in numbers, because there are many talents. You can choose different talents work for your business, or choose the best designs/solutions.

4.     From another point of view, after you post a job, it is marketing, talents in different fields from all over the world may know about your site or business. 


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