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ChangDe Peach Blossom Land

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Peach Blossom Land is located in the West South 15 kilometers of Taoyuan City,Hunnan Province, which is about 34 kilometers from ChangDe City. There are four Scenic Spots including Peach Blossom Mountain,Taoyuan Mountain, Taoxian ridge, Qinren Village in the Peach Blossom Land. The Peach Blossom Mountain and Qinren Village is the center of the Peach Blossom Land.


ChangDe Peach Blossom LandWhen you visit Peach Blossom Land, you can take bus and get off at Peach Blossom memorial gateway, there is introduction for Peach Blossom Mountain on the memorial gateway. There is three powerful Chinese character “桃花源” on the memorial gateway. Besides, there are a couplet on the large column in two sides “红树青山斜阳古道,桃花流水福地洞天”. When you go pass the gateway, there is a river, that is Peach Blossom river.


On the right of the Peach Blossom river, there is a thick peach woods. The Taolin Dridge is among the peach woods. After walk through the peach woods, and pass the Taolin Bridge, there is a round building, that is the famous chrysanthemum garden. This garden is famous by there are many chrysanthemum everywhere.


Tips: there are buses and travel buses go to the Peach Blossom Land from ChangDe Railway Station and Bus Station. 


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