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Gold Coast

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There is a 52.1 km coastline about 17 km from Beidaihe coast, which is Gold Coast. Gold Coast is featured by gold sand, soft beach, clear water and even tides. It is an ideal place in Qinhuangdao to take sea-bathing, sun-bathing, sand-bathing, forest-bathing and air-bathing. The most attractive sports in Gold Cost is sand sliding. First you can take the ropeway cable car to directly reach the top of the sand mountain, on the way you can enjoy the unique scenery of rows of sand hills stretching distantly.


Gold CoastSitting on the bamboo or wood made sand sliding board, you will slide like a shot from the top of the sand hills tens of meters high. With the increase of the speed, you will continue to slid tens of meters forward due to the effect of inertia, making you feel quite novel and stimulating but safe and sound at the same time. There are two types of sand sliding, one is to slide from the sand hill to the bottom of the valley, and the other type is to slide into the sea.


Besides the sand sliding in Namibia in South Africa, it is the second largest sand sliding in the world now.



You can take middle buses at Baidaihe Haibin bus station, or take No.5, No.22 bus at Baidaihe railway station to the 281 hospital stop and change to middle buses.


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