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Greeting Vocabularies in Chinese

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How to greeting in Chinese? The proper use of Chinese greetings can pave the way for establishing good relationships. Below greeting vocabularies in Chinese from Learn More China will help you how to use greetings in Chinese.


“Hello” or “Hi” in Chinese is “您好!

“Good morning!” in Chinese is “早上好!

“Good afternoon!” in Chinese is “中午好!

“Good evening!” in Chinese is “晚上好!

“Good night!” in Chinese is “晚安!

“I’m Peter” in Chinese is “我是彼得

“Are you Peter?” in Chinese is “你是彼得吗?”

“Yes, I am” in Chinese is “是,我是

“No, I am not.” In Chinese is “不,我不是

“How are you?” in Chinese is “你好吗?

“Good bye” in Chinese is “再见!

“See you tomorrow” in Chinese is “明天见

“See you later!” in Chinese is “待会儿见


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