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Chinese National Day

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The National Day is a designated date on which celebrations mark the nationhood of a country. Often the National Day will be a national holiday.


The National Day is often taken as the date on which a state or territory achieved independence. Other dates such as the country's patron saint day or a significant historic date are sometimes used. Most countries have a single National Day per year, though a few, for example, India and Pakistan, have more than one. Besides that, each of the two special administrative regions of the People's Republic of China, namely Hong Kong and Macao, celebrate the day of the establishment of the special administrative region, as well as the National Day of the People's Republic of China.

Do you know how does Chinese National Day come?


October 1st, 1949, anniversary of the founding of new china. It should be clear that, in many people's minds, held in October 1st 1949 in the people's Republic of China has one hundred thousand soldiers and civilians to participate in the founding ceremony in Tiananmen square in Beijing. In fact, the impression in people's minds is not accurate.


learnmorechina Chinese National holiday greetingSince October 1, 1949, held the ceremony inTiananmen Square is the Central People's government the establishment ceremony, but was not the founding ceremony. In fact, the people's Republic of China "Founding", that is to say the people's Republic of China establishment, early in the year October 1st has been announced a week before. Was not called "founding ceremony," but referred to as the "Founding ceremony".


The time is September 21, 1949. This day, the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference Chairman Mao Zedong in the preparatory meeting of the first session of the CPPCC's opening statement has been declared the birth of new china.


How to return a responsibility th October 1st as National Day? At the first session of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference of the first National Committee, Xu Guangping said: "Ma Xulun members can not leave, he asked me, the establishment of the people's Republic of China, there should be national day, so I hope this will be decided in October 1st as the national day."


Mao Zedong said "we should make a proposal, suggested to the government, decided by the government." In October 2, 1949, the Central People's government through the "on the national day of the people's Republic of China on the resolution", stipulated every year in October 1st as the national day, and to this day as the announcement of the people's Republic of China was founded.


Since then, every year on Oct. 1 to become the grand people of all nationalities to celebrate the festival.


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