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Double 11 –singles day and crazy shopping in China

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Double 11 falls on every November 11th, that is 11.11, so Chinese people call it as double 11. It is also considered as “Singles Day”, a new holiday for people who are still living in the single life.

Now, double 11 not only known as Singles Day in China, but also as a crazy shopping days. Why? Do you also shopping crazily during Singles Day?


The crazy shopping on Double 11 started on November11th, 2012. Tmall and Taobao organized Double 11 promotional. This attracted 147 million unique visitors and 30 million users to purchase, and the number of transactions hit 100 million.

 double 11 in China

After few seconds pas midnight on November 11th, 10 million users were online at the same time. Many visitors had choose what they want to buy, and waited for the November 11th coming for the sales promotional. So, 10 mins later, turnover of transactions paid trough Alipay reached 250 million Yuan (that is USD 40.55 million). 37 mins later, turnover hit 1 billion Yuan (USD 162.18 million).


The large transactions also cased logistics problem in China in the past. Because there are so many people buy online, shoppers have to send the parcels by different logistics. Too many parcels need to send and arrive to warehouses of logistics. It is said that due to so many parcels, some customers parcel take more than 3 months to arrive after bought on Double 11.


If you are in China, will you also shopping crazily on Double 11? Double 11 in 2013 year in coming, some people is looking forward for the sales promotion, while some said quality on Double 11 was not very good, and logistics was very slowly. Though double 11 only provide in mainly China now, Learn More China recommend that if you planning to order on those days, it is better to order earlier, this will avoid busy production and logistics. 


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