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GaoYa Calendar Gift Culture Boutique Center

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Now it is the beginning of 2014 year, many companies had or making custom calendars as one of thepromotional gifts. Where can we buy calendar from Guangzhou, China? How to contact calendar suppliers to make your custom calendars? Yes, we can go to GaoYa Calendar Gift Culture Boutique Center(高雅月历礼品文化精品城)


GaoYa Calendar Gift Culture Boutique CenterGaoYa Calendar Gift Culture Boutique Center is located in No.61, Jichang Road,Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Guangzhou Province. The center is a professional wholesale market to deal with Calendar gift, culture boutiques. We can find fashion design calendars or custom calendars with the suppliers. Besides, you can also find electric gifts, promotional gifts, crafts, watches, advertising gifts, stationery in the market.


Gaoya is at the connection of Jichang Road and Guangyuan Road, which near Guangzhou Railway Station. It is one of the largest shopping mall for gifts and boutique in mainland China.


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