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3 tips for how to book hotels from China

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When we plan to visit China, many people have to book Chinese hotels, how to book hotels from China? Here, there are 3 tips to book hotels from Learn More China:


1. When you come to China, you can go to the hotels directly to book the room. Or, you can ask your friends in China to go to the hotel to book the room for you. By this way, it may a little costly.


2. Book hotels by phone. There are 2 ways to book hotels by phone: 1. telephone the hotel directly and book. 2. If you do not know the telephone number of the hotel, you can ask professional hotel websites to book for you. Such as crip. To book hotel by phone will save your time. Besides, usually, it will be cheaper than you go to hotel and book the rooms directly. 

3 tips for how to book hotels from China

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3. Book hotels online. It is the recommend way recommend by Learn More China, and also many people like it. First, you can find hotels from website, such as hotelscombined.com, you can find many hotels and compare the prices, places, services online, than choose, and go to their site to book directly, besides, you can also phone the hotel to book.

Also, you can also go to famous and reliable site to book hotels, such as ctrip.

Generally speaking, to book hotels online, you can choose and compare many hotels, it will save your time and money, because it will be cheaper than go to hotel and book directly.

When you book hotels online, here are the steps for most of the hotels or hotel websites:

1). you can choose the cities, date to check in and check out than search

2). There will be some hotels show which suitable your search, then you can check and compare which will be best for you.

3). When you choose the hotel, there will be a reservation, then write your contact details. (it require write right, because when you check-in, it will require to check the contact details.)

4). Submit your order.


Tips: Usually, to book hotels online are free, you can pay when you arrive. Sometimes, if there are busy seasons for the hotels, it will require you guarantee.

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