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Cell phone markets in Guangzhou

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Where can we wholesale mobile phones in Guangzhou?

Guangzhou mobile phone wholesale markets mainly in Tianhe District and Yuexiu District. Guangzhou Gangding Dashatou mobile phone wholesale market is mainly wholesalers, the price is not competitive for retailers.


The price of mobile phone mobile phone wholesale market in Guangzhou usually 5-20 RMB higher than Shenzhen mobile phone wholesale market, so it is not a large gap if you buy mobile phones from Guangzhou or Shenzhen. Now major cell phone wholesalers are concentrated in Gangding area, Broadway, the president of digital harbor, South Pacific Plaza, computer city merchants wholesale.


There are different cell phone wholesalers in Guangzhou, some are good while some bad, there are professional refurbished cell phones or trigger, designed to do a new cell phone, designed to do the new iphone.


All the wholesalers are sold without guaranteed, if there is anything wrong with the phone and you want to change another, the cost of the phone will reduced. So only large cell phone wholesaler will guaranteed, while other small retailers will ask someone to repair, is also no guarantee  to customers.cell phone markets in Guangzhou


Most of the old wholesalers are mainly wholesale new cell phones, because though rebuild cell phones are in high profits, there are many problems after sold. So, most of the refurbished cell phones sellers will change new business names after one or two year.


There for, there will be about RMB300 for one same cell phone in the cell phone market. each mobile phone must ensure that more than RMB 80 of the profits to break even in Guangzhou, if one cell phone really cheaper than others, in other words please carefully identify, is likely to be refurbished phone.


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