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umbrella manufacturer in China

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China is a leading umbrella manufacturer in the world. Where can we find umbrella factories in China? Generally speaking, there are 3 famous umbrella produce areas in China, they are Taoyuan Town at Heshan, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, Songsha Town at Shangyu City, Zhejiang Province is called as Chinese umbrella city, Dongshi Town at Jindong, Fujian Province is called as Chinese umbrella capital.


Taoyuan Town at Heshan City is famous as "Taoyuan system umbrella industry enjoyed an umbrella at home, hold times on both sides of the Changjiang River" in China. At present, the umbrella companies more than 80, annual production of over 4000000, the annual output value of 250000000 yuan, it is the Guangdong Province famous umbrella production and sales base. Heshan umbrella chamber of Commerce was founded more than two years, according to the characteristics and advantages of Taoyuan umbrella manufacturing industry, give full play to the unique role of the chamber of Commerce and industry, supporting the development of economy with local characteristics, effectively enhance the chamber of Commerce's influence, establish a good image of the chamber of commerce.


umbrella manufacturer in ChinaChina Umbrella City Commercial Plaza is located in Songxia town Shangyu City, a total construction area of 150000 square meters, is a set of large squares, large exhibition center, a large entertainment center, commercial center, large logistics centers are in the integral whole of comprehensive commercial carrier, wherein, Leisure Center 15000 square meters (bath center, entertainment centers and catering center property right type); Traders Hotel 20000 square meters (hotel business center and information center as a whole); large supermarkets and stores of 30000 square meters (directional development including 3-4 million square meters); independent window shops of 90000 square meters (the brand stores and catering chain stores).


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