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Guangzhou Zhan Long Chen Tian Auto market

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Guangzhou Zhan Long Chen Tian Auto market is located at No. 78 Baiyundadaobei Road, Baiyun district, Guangzhou City. South to Yellowstone Road, and west is the airport Road, and near GuangHua Road. There are several kilometers away from the Guangzhou railway station from the Zhan Long Chen Tian Auto market. Many fright logistics are surrounding this favorable market conditions for the majority of market traders , customers reduce logistics costs to provide the necessary conditions to improve the competitiveness of the market .

Guangzhou Zhan Long Chen Tian Auto market


In July 2001 , in order to cooperate with Guangzhou urban construction, municipal government in response to the "year one small change , a change in three years , ten years , a drastic change ," the good call, all the staff made every effort , the auto parts market Zhan Long Guangyuan original tenants moved successfully held Long Chen Tien Cham now auto market continue to operate. From market traders will win the confidence and support , in the hard work of all employees of the company , Chen Tien Cham auto market from the beginning of only one in the Southern District , and gradually expand the development , has become the plan of approximately 50,000 square meters of ground , has Southern, Northern , Western produced a total of 380 shops, more than 300 businesses operating in the presence of market size .


In order to adapt to the needs of the majority of businesses , is under construction markets in North 1, North Zone 2 , the planning area of 15,000 square meters covering the South , there are 188 shops , ready to foreign investment. Today's Guangzhou Chen Tien Cham market is already China's largest and most influential used car parts market , the market radiation throughout China and Southeast Asia.


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