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Guangzhou Bags Wholesale Market

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Guangzhou bags wholesale market is located in Guihua Gang, Guangzhou, which is  in the Central North East of Guangzhou,  and the North of Jiefangbei Road, South to Kowloon Canton Railway, it is one of the construction and development of the largest domestic luggage market in Guangzhou city.


Guangzhou bags wholesale market including Shui Dian Dong Zi Yuan Gang integrated wholesale market, the 2nd -5th floor of Xin Xing Hotel, GuanLv International Leather Center, AnXing leather world, Zhong Ao Leather Trade Center, DongSheng Leather Center, Xin Xing Business Center, Sanyuanli wholesale Plaza, Guangzhou leather belt City, Zhong Gang Leather City, Gui Hua Building Leather Center and Yisen Leather Center, there are 12 markets join in this large leather trade center.


The market is the largest bag wholesale market in China, besides, it is the largest trading volume of high-end luggage market, too. There are not only the Pearl River Delta region, Zhejiang, Fujian bags factory found in the market, but also bag suppliers from other area in China, Hongkong, and Taiwan. Now, the Guangzhou bag wholesale market is the largest wholesale bags wholesale market, high quality bags wholesale market and retail luggage market in China.

 Guangzhou Bags Wholesale Market

Now the market establish a long-term stable relations of cooperation with many bags supplier,  the bags supplier offer varieties styles, reasonable price, best service, to ensure good quality, variety of designs, which got high praised from the world.


In Guangzhou bag wholesale market, customers can choose the spot wholesale and retail, place order by draft, monopoly agency or franchise and other forms of cooperation.


There are variety of bags can buy in the market, included handbags, purse, men’s bag, school bag, hand bag, shoulder bag, satchel, backpack, travel bag, waist bag, student bag, trolley case, computer bag, cosmetic bag and so on.


Further more, there are many famous brand bags in Guangzhou bags wholesale market, such as Marino Orlandi, Marshal, Corcodile, Valention Juden, Valentino Rudy, Napoleoris Dieam, Dissona, S.B. Polo.R.c, Baleno, Montagut, River, Pierdaishu.


Tips: It is near Guangzhou Railway Station, Bus Terminal. And we can go to Guagnzhou bags wholesale market by Metro, and get off at Yuexiu Park Stop, Guangzhou Railway Stop or Sanyuan Li, then take bus to Gui Hua Gang.


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