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Yang Cheng Tong – a hot tourist card in Guangdong, China

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As a tourist or business man to Guangzhou, China, a card call Yang Cheng Tong (羊城通) will be useful for you. We can use Yang Cheng Tong to take bus, taxis, metro, ferries and pay at convenience stories such as Circle K and 7 Eleven.


Yang Cheng Tong, literally "Ram City Pass", is a form of electronic ticketing under the intellectual transportation system (ITS) used on public transports services. Further more, since the end of December of 2012, Yang Cheng Tong not only can be used in Guangzhou, but also can used in other cities in Guangdong, included Foshan, Zhaoqing, Jiangmen, Shanwei, Huizhou, Maoming, Shaoguan, Yufu, Zhuhai, Heyuan, Jieyang, Yangjiang, Zhanjiang, Qingyuan, Chaozhou and Zhongshan.

Tips: Preferential policies of different regions are not to be offered accumulatively. Travelers with Yang Cheng Tong and Foshan Tong may enjoy either the preferential policy of Guangzhou and Foshan depending on the place of use.

 Yang Cheng Tong - Learn More China

Here are 5 tips for you to use Yang Cheng Tong in China.


1. Where can we buy a Yang Cheng Tong Card?

We can buy Yang Cheng Tong at 7-Eleven stores, T&T Laundry, Guangzhou Metro ticket centers, Yang Cheng Tong stations and customer service centers.


2. How much to buy a Yang Cheng Tong?

The standard cards contain deposit. Standard card is sold for RMB 70 ( RMB20 for refundable deposit and RMB 50 worth of credit, if you do not use Yang Cheng Tong any more, you can take the card and receipt to the Guangzhou Metro ticket centers to return and get your deposit back, the card should keep well)


3. How to recharge Yang Cheng Tong?

When the balance Of Yang Cheng Tong runs low, we can not use there is not enough money to deduct. Negative value is not incurred on a card, so, we have to pay cash fare in case of insufficient funds. Yang Cheng Tong can be recharged at the authorized service providers with unitary signs written “Yang Cheng Tong Top Up Stop” (羊城通充值点), “Yang Cheng Tong Auto Top Up Stop” (羊城通自助充值点) or “Yang Cheng Tong Convenient Stop” (羊城通便利店)


4. How much need to recharge for Yang Cheng Tong?

Yang Cheng Tong recharges are paid in RMB 50 or multiples. A Yang Cheng Tong may store a maximum value of RMB 500 or RMB 1000 and a minimum or RMB 50 (exclusive of customized cards)


5. Advantage of using a Yang Cheng Tong.

To use a Yang Cheng Tong it will saves your time queue for metro ticketes and the hassle of looking for small changes (for example, paying for bus fare is a self service and no change is given. )


Besides, plus side of using a Yang Cheng Tong for metros and buses is that after using it for 15 times in a calendar month, from the 16th traveling onwards you’ll get 40% off of the regular fare until the end of that month. 


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