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Heater Machines in China

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Heaters are widely used in our daily life, they are found in water heater, electric cookers, electric kettle, electric range, oven and disinfector… Because of the large demands of heaters, so there are many heaters factory in China. However, if you want to produce heaters by your factory, do you know any heater machines factory in China?Zhaoqing City Feihong Machinery & Electrical Co. Ltd is a leading Chinese heater machines factory, which have more than 20 years in making machines for heating tubes.


A staff, May from the heater tubular machines factory in China, shares some idea about heating element machines:

To produce heaters, heater factory mainly need below machines:

1.      tube making machines: included tube forming machines, tube cutting machines, tube straightening machines, and tube polishing machines.

2.      resistance coil winding machines - to coil the resistance wires.

3.      mgo power filling machines - to fill mgo power into the tube.

4.      feeding machines - feed the tubes to the reducing machines.

5.      roll reducing machines – reduce the heater tubes after fill the mog power and increase the density.roll reducing machines

6.      Length compensation equipment – stretch or compensate the tubes, it will have less defective pipes after these machines.

7.      roll turning machines

8.      roll bending machines – bend the pipes by these machines into the shape needed, such as round pipe, U shape heater tubulaers…

9.      heat treatment equipments – such as annealing machines (Some pipes need to anneal before bending.)

10.  Welding Equipments

11.  Marking equipments – if we need to mark logo or words as 380V on the heater pipe, we need marking machines to do it.

12.  cleaning machines – clean the dirt of resistances or heaters

13.  Coil fin winding machines


In Feihong, heaters factory can find all equipment, we can find hot runner heaters machines, cartridge heaters machines, home appliances heaters machinery and industrial heaters machines.


Tips: here is the contact details for Chinese heater machines factory:



Mobile: 86-13424485791 (May)


QQ: 2641802600       Skype: tube.machines

Webwww.tubemachines.com    www.zqfeihong.com

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