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8 tips for how to book a cheap hotel in China

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When traveling or having a trip for business, the cost of the hotel room will be a large expenses incurred. Everyone knows we can save money by going to a budget hotel. I am going to visit China, how to book a cheap and best hotel? Here are 8 tips from Learn More China for book a cheap hotel in China, or for who are going to travel.


1.      Decide what you want. This includes location, hotel star rating, and amenities. Do you see your hotel as just a place to crash for the night, or do you want it to play a bigger role in the whole experience? Whatever you decide, do so either before looking for hotels or shortly thereafter so you don't end up spending more than you had planned.

2.      Compare with different hotels and rooms on the site. The rate for different hotels and different rooms will be different. We can compare hotels from some hotel websites, such as hotels compare – which can search more than 100 hotels in one time.

3.      Get a package deal. After you compare hotels from hotel compare sites, you can decide which hotel you prefer. Then, get a package deal. If you visit China, you can visit travel package deal on Cripfor package deal. These deals can bundle flight, hotel, and car--offering a discount for getting them together. While many package deals can save you money, some may actually turn out to be more expensive than buying each item separately. To get the cheapest hotel rates, research other packages, and don't ignore the option of getting your flight, hotel, and car separately.

4.      Time for booking hotel. On any given day, prices will be fluctuate based on whether the hotel thinks it will be able to fill its rooms for the night. There for, the best time to book a room is usually within 24 hours of the stay, when hotels slash prices to avoid to vacant rooms. However, if you are traveling during holidays, it will be better to book hotels earlier, because there will be large demands during holidays, many people will book hotels, if too late, there are no rooms or price will be higher.

5.      Check for affiliation and other discounts. We may qualify for additional discounts simply by belonging to an association or organization.

6.      use rewards malls. When it comes time to finally book, utilize cash back and credit card rewards to earn bonus rewards.

7.      Negotiate, not pay, for upgrades. Instead of booking the fanciest room in the place, reserve a lower-rate room and then ask for an upgrade. If you’re traveling at an off-peak time, you have a higher chance or moving up to a vacant, better room at check-in.

8.      Keep an eye out for price drops. Savings don’t stop when you book your hotel. As mentioned before, a room’s price can fluctuate significantly, but not many people have the time or inclination to sit around hitting “refresh” to see if the nightly rate has drops. It also keeps an eye on other rooms in the same hotel: If a better room’s price drops below yours, the service will upgrade you even if your room’s price didn’t change. 


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