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Oriental Auto Parts City

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Oriental Auto Parts City (上海东方汽配城), founded on 1997, is Shanghai first and largest auto parts shopping mall. OAPC locates in No. 1926, Cao An Road within Shanghai Greater Hongqiao Area, 10 minutes drive to Hongqiao transportation hub including Hongqiao Air Port, Railway Station, Subway line 2 and 10, Bus Station.

Covering 60,000 square meters and 160,000 construction area, Oriental Auto Parts City enjoys nearly 1000 automotive companies and annual turnover at RMB 5 billion so far. OAPC is one of Shanghai TOP 100 Privated companies and Outstanding Contribution companies of Auto Industry since China's Reform and Opening-up.

By that time, OAPC will be consisted of 3 auto parts Business Theme Areas.

  1. Oriental Auto Parts CityOriental Auto Parts CityAuto Parts (Shanghai) Headquarter Base: 
    5 office buildings (70,000 ㎡) by company types,
    • Manufacturers for marketing and sales, trade and R & D;
    • Purchasers for China Sourcing and market entry;
    • Service providers for automotive chain like forwarders, banks, auditors, testing and consulting organizations etc.
  2. Auto Parts Shopping Mall: 10 malls (80,000 ㎡) by car models and product category like VW, GM, AUDI,NISSAN, TOYOTA etc.

    3. Global Auto Parts Sourcing, Exhibiting and Trading Center: 1 world-class exhibition hall (40,000㎡) by auto parts cluster/area, product category, seasonal promotion products.

    By 2015, OAPC will be upgraded and transformed to be Shanghai Auto Parts CBD and International Trade Center covering 280,000 ㎡construction areas totally. OAPC will achieve,

    • 3,500 auto parts companies locate
    • 10,000 exhibit
    • 100,000 members
    • Annual turnover at RMB 50 billion


    • Developer:Shanghai Oriental Auto parts City Co.ltd
    • ADD:1926 Caoan Road(M.),Shanghai pearl Logistics Co.,Ltd
    • Tel:86-21-5918 5918
    • Web:www.oapc.cn


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