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5 largest furniture wholesale markets in China

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Where can we buy furniture in China? Are there furniture wholesale market in China? Learn More China introduce 5 mainly wholesale markets for furniture in China for you. 


1. Lecong furniture wholesale market

Lecong furniture wholesale market is formed at the beginning of the 1980, at first it was furniture factories were at ShuiTeng, Shunde, and then moved to the side of 325 National Road to began sales office, it formed gradually to be a professional wholesale market for furniture till today.


Ten Lecong furniture market stretches, a total area of 2000000 square meters, a total of more than 3000 from overseas furniture manufacturers and dealers here concurrently wholesale and retail, employing up to 50000 people. The 2001 Lecong furniture turnover amounted to 1000000000 yuan, is largest furniture trade and distribution center in China and Southeast Asia. Here not only brought together Home Furnishing trade from Guangdong or China, also attracted to Southeast Asia, South Korea, Europe and other countries and Hong Kong and Macao upscale boutique brand. Some famous furniture enterprises have set up in Lecong stronghold of sales, such as Hongkong's "Emerald cane" and domestic "Chuang Xin", "Mei Hua", "Hua Lu", "Mei Li Hua" "Ya Zhi" “GuoTai” and so on. Lecong is known as the "South China furniture capital".


Besides the furniture shops on both side of the road, there are a number of large-scale wholesale market, including the business area of about 600000 square meters of Lecong international furniture city. Furniture City, construction area of 110000 square meters, 8 storey building, has more than 1000 brand manufacturers, business, including Hongkong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries and regions, many furniture manufacturers to set up sales.

furniture wholesale markets in China

2. ChengDu, SiChuan

From the beginning of 1995, Chengdu furniture industry has experienced 10 years of golden development period, and with the Chengdu furniture fair platform, rapidly enhance product visibility, success will channel smooth extension to the National Center City and the two or three line of the market, and occupy the market share of considerable. Among them, Ba Yi furniture Center should be the epitome of Sichuan is the furniture industry.


Founded in 1985 Ba Yi furniture Limited by Share Ltd located in Chengdu Wuhou District Sichuan Tibet Road, now is a main force in Chengdu furniture wholesale market, furniture city area reached 330000 square meters, located more than 1800 manufacturers, the products are sold to more than 20 provinces and areas in China. The leading products include: Sichuan famous brand "eight benefits" mattress series, export-oriented "Anne" mattress series, as well as the sofa, bed series. With the 10th Chengdu International Furniture Industry Exhibition & the third international Home Furnishing Wuhou culture art festival, Chengdu furniture will continue to exert their own advantages, strive for early completion of industrial upgrading, to consolidate its status.


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