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Wholesale markets near Guangzhou Railway Station

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There are many wholesale markets in Guangzhou, so many people visit GZ for shopping. Wholesale markets near Guangzhou Railway Station are the most popular markets. Do you know what wholesale markets we can find near Guangzhou Railway Station? Here are some wholesale markets Learn More China collect near Guangzhou Railway Station.


Garments wholesale markets

1.      FuLi Building Wholesale market

2.      YiMa Clothing Wholesale Market

3.      BaiMa Clothing Wholesale Market

4.      HuiMei International Garments Center

5.      Guangzhou LiuHua Garment wholesale market

6.      XinDaDi Garment Center

7.      HongMian Bubu Gao Garment wholesale market

8.      TianMa Garment wholesale market



Jewelry Wholesale markets:

1.      JiaHe Accessories City

2.      XingHua Jewelry Center

3.      XiJiao Building


Watch wholesale market

Guangzhou ZhanXi Watch Clocks City


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