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4 cloths wholesale markets at GZ

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Guangzhou is one of the largest clothing wholesale market in China, at the same time, Guangzhou is also a professional garment accessories and cloth wholesale market, Learn more China would like to introduces 4 main cloth wholesale market in Guangzhou, they are ZhongDa Cloth Wholesale market, Haiyin Cloth Center, Tianxiong Textile Wholesale Market and GuangFu Textile Center


ZhongDa Cloth Market

Guangzhou Zhongda cloth Market is located at Ruikang Road, Haizhuqu District, Guangzhou City. It opposite the South Gate of Zhongshan University. A total of 14 games, more than 4000 stalls. Mainly engaged in domestic and foreign cloth, yarn, garment accessories, there are different grades cloth in the market. It is a fashion professional wholesale and retail market for cloth. Zhongda cloth market is gradually to the supporting functions, classification management, specialization, the direction of development characteristics.


A large cloth market place in Ruikang Road, there are also professional Street apparel fabrics ingredients, for example, Ruikang garment accessories decorative cloth city, Changjiang garment accessories city, large cloth market group as well as new Kang cloth cloth city composed of.


Haiyin cloth Center

Haiyin Cloth Market is located at No. 429, Yang Jiang Dong Road, DongShan District, it is at the South park of front gate at DongShan Lake. The market mainly for fashion fabrics, furniture fabric, quantity body clipping, worsted fabric, stage engineering, special clothing, uniforms and accessories, such as technology, the decorative cloth and strong ethnic characteristics of the fabric most to attract foreign businessmen.


 Cloth Wholesale markets at Guangzhou

Tianxiong Textile Center

Tianxiong Textile Center is located at DeChang Road, Guangzhou Avenue South. It is built by improve ZhongDa Cloth Market. The scale is large for TianXiong Textile Center, and with standard construction. However, after the market finished, it still can not replace of ZhongDa Cloth Market. The trading volume of the market is not very good but not very bad. The business of this markets from all over the world. And you may find foreign businessmen open shops at the market.



Guangfu South Cloth Market

GuangFu South Cloth Market is located at GuangFu South Road, Liwan District. It is a decades old cloth market in Guangzhou, and it is also one of the earliest cloth wholesale market in Guangdong. It mainly deals with workers clothing, low grade fabric. 


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