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NanAn Decoration Materials Market

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Where can we buy building decoration materials in Guangzhou? Are there wholesale markets for decoration building materials in GZ? Learn More China would like to introduce NanAn Decoration Materials Market to you.


NanAn Decoration Materials Market is located in the largest decorative material distribution center of Southern ChinaNanAn Road. It lies to the east of GuangFo Station, south by HuangSha Avenue up to ZhongShan,ZhuHai. North to HuanShi Road, which will lead to Guangzhou Railway Station. The traffic is very convenient.NanAn Decoration Materials Market


There are about 2500 square meters for the first and second floor of NanAn Decoration Material Market. Each unit is over 100 square meters. Among the decorative material distribution center location, the market has its own operation characteristics, which is the the franchise in the high-end equipment, swimming pool, sauna steam bath equipment, massage bathtub, computer steam and other series of high-grade sanitary wares. Besides, there are agency for foreign sanitary ware companies, who deal with famous brands such as "beauty", American, "like to live", "Jazz" swimming pool equipment, Taiwan's "Venus", "Dawei" massage bathtub, Finland "Harriet", "sauna", "Asian American music" steam rooms etc..


Customers in the NanAn Decoration Materials Market can display and recommend the products, to learn more about foreign advanced decoration materials, and continuously expand the market, to meet the needs of all customers. Now, the market is one of the most professional building materials market in Guangzhou.

Address: No. 33, NanAn Road, Guangzhou City.

Tips: If you go to NanAn Decoration Materials Market by bus, you can take below No. buses: 19, 34, 71, 176, 209, 212

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