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JinHaiYin Electric Square

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Where can we buy audio in Guangzhou? Is there a video equipment wholesale market? Today Learn More China introduce JinHaiYin Electric Square for you.


JinHaiYin Electric Square mainly deals with famous television equipment, all kinds of audio, home theater, home appliances, air conditioning equipment, copiers, fax machines, wired and wireless equipment, it is one of the large electric appliances trade market in Guangzhou.JinHaiYin Electric Square


There is a strict management system in the market, to make sure the credibility will be the first, excellent service, and beautiful environment. JinHaiYin Electric Square was appraised as “civilized market” for many years in Guangzhou.

Tips: It is located at No. 166, DongHu Road, Guangzhou City, near High Sun Plaza Electronic Market.

If you want to go to HaiYin Electric Square by bus, you can take below No. bus 1218364445606180101104125128182184188192208247248287551. 


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