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Tian Lan Tian Garment Professional Wholesale Market

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Where can we buy children’s garments in Beijing? Where is the wholesale market for foreign style clothing in Beijing? Today, Learn More China introduce Tian Lan Tian Garment Professional Wholesale Market for you.

The market with total 15000 square meters, and divided into three floors, with 948 booths. There is 4000 square meters for parking lots. There are complete hardware facilities, passenger and cargo ladder shunt, and euipped with central air conditioning in the market.Tian Lan Tian Garment Professional Wholesale Market


The garment market is located in Beijing New District Planning Fengtai - West Third Ring Road, Lize bridge bus station, North and yikelong, lotus shopping center, Gome, Ann market connected; South and East home building materials City, Beijing Automall automobile trading market is adjacent, surrounding commercial network dotted, million businesses TuYan fang. Traffic routes lead in all directions, dozens of Lu city bus fee. Meanwhile, Lize bridge, Liuliqiao, the lotus pool three long-distance passenger station; near echo, covering the whole country, com. and West Railway Station, a strong transportation hub.


What kinds of garment we can by from Tian Lan Tian Garment Wholesale market? We can get foreign style clothing, children’s clothing, women’s clothing, and cowboy from the market.


Tips: If you go to the market by bus, you can take below No. buses: No. 323, 349, 395, 719, 733, 822, 833, 836, 631, 927, 937, 944, 933, 927, 744, 201, extension 205, 958, 604, 739, 103, 108 express, 927 express interval Reitaku bridge to get off.



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