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Yue Hua Ao Te Center

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Where can we buy auto parts in Shenzhen? Is there auto parts wholesale market in SZ? Today, Learn More China introduce Yue Hua Ao Te Center (粤华奥特城) to you.

Ao Te Center is one of the large auto mall sells auto parts in ShenZhen, Guangdong. The Center mainly wholesale different kinds famous automobile series parts, modified materials, auto decors, car maintenance supplies, car audio and video communication, auto anti-theft, oil, and electrical appliances.Yue Hua Ao Te Center

Ao Te Center is located in the north of Hong Ling Road, the west of Tao Yuan Road, it is the connection of FuTian and LuoHu. The traffic is perfect in this area. A large professional trade mall for auto parts comes out – Ao Te Center, with 22000 square meters.

Ao Te Center use glass for building, it attract people’s eyes, with space vision bright, central air conditioning configuration, sightseeing elevator, car elevator and escalators to provide a comfortable shopping mall to purchase. The shopping mall with several meters high, clean and bright, large shopping malls such as underground parking. Au Te Center is a very comfortable shopping mall for auto parts.


The successful development of Ao Te Center, promoted the formation of ShenZhen District. HuangMa Auto Stores, and other large trade mall for auto parts also born in SunGang Area in ShenZhen.



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