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Guangzhou Zoo

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Where is the Guangzhou Zoo? How about Guangzhou Zoo? How can we visit Guangzhou Zoo?

The Guangzhou Zoo is one of the three largest zoos in China(the other two are Shanghai Wild Animal Zoo and Beijing Zoo). Founded in 1958, it covers 42 hectares (about 100 acres) and has about 4 million visitors annually, and now the visitors increase every year. 

Guangzhou Zoo has more than 400 kinds with a population of over 5, 000 animals, including the endangered and exclusive-in-China species like pandas, golden monkeys, and South China tigers, and rare ones like the world's shortest horse. Animals from all over the world are also found here, such as chimpanzees giraffes and African elephants
Guang zhou zoo
According to the layout of zoological calssficatio, the animals insided the Guangzhou Zoo are exhibited in different trourist districts, for example, the insects, reptiles and amphibians, birds, primates, felines, and herbivores. What's more, there are not only rare animals from China such as panda, golden monkey, South China tiger, elk, brow-antlered deer, and black-necked crane, but also those rare animals all over the world such as chimpanzee, giraffe, African elephant, hippopotamus, zebra, rhinoceros, and black swan.

Besides, Guangzhou zoo has the largest overland ocean exhibition house and the largest butterfly ecology garden in China; and the delicate and special outdoor fancy fishes exhibition garden, Jinlin Garden, the only one in China; as well as the exciting and adventurous performance of wild animals training.

If you are planing to visit Guangzhou Zoo, here are some tips from Learn More China:
Opening Hours:

08:00-16:30 (April 16th to October 15th)

08:00-16:00 (October 16th to April 15th)


Full-price ticket:

Adults and children over 1.5m tall

CNY20: Zoo,  CNY20: Goldfish Garden, CNY20: Animal Performance

Special fare 1:Chidren 1.2-1.5m, half price


By Subway

Take Subway Line 5 and get off at Zoo Station. 

Get out from Exit B to the south gate of the zoo.

By Bus

1. Take bus no.6, 11, 16, 60, 65, 78, 85, 112, 192, 199, 201, 219, 236, 271, 290, 535,547, 

862, 883, or 84, and get off at the Zoo Station.

2. Take bus no.72, 74, 127, 220, 246, or 833, and get off at Zoo Bus Terminus.

3. Take bus no. 133, 191, 209, 210, 221, 233, 234, 242, 245, 256, 269, 278, 280, 886,289, 301, 822, 545, 549, 550, 551, 561, or 810, and get off at the Zoo South Gate Station.

4. Take bus no.137, 221, 247, or 287, and get off at the Zoo South Gate Bus Terminus.

Hotels Around Guangzhou Zoo:

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