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Guangzhou EuroCommercial Plaza Shoes City

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Where can we buy shoes in Guangzhou? Where is the shoes wholeasle market in GZ? Where can we get leather shoes when visit China? How can we go to Guangzhou EuroCommercial Plaza Shoes City? Today, Learn More China introudce Guangzhou EuroCommercial Plaza Shoes City (广州欧陆鞋城) to you. 

Guangzhou EuroCommercial Plaza Shoes City is a famous distributing center for shoe sales in Guangdong Province or even in China. It is located in Floor 10 in Hongji Building, No.24 on Zhanxi Road, Guangzhou City. It mainly operates the business of shoes and leather products at home and abroad. GZ-EuroShoeCity takes the advantage of Guangzhou’s mature specialized wholesale market for shoe industry and attracts many famous shoe producers from all around the world. Therefore, a prosperous shoe wholesale market with lots of companies is formed here. Guangzhou EuroCommercial Plaza Shoes City

The Euro-Shoe City has won a good reputation among its clients by equipping a perfect and high-quality management institution, a strict security and fire-fighting management system and a well-serving transporting team. In this way, the EuroShoeCity helps the agents achieve success even without going out of their offices. It has been granted the honorable name of “a civilized market of GuangdongProvince”

Tips: How to go to Guangzhou EuroCommercial Plaza Shoes City?
Line 2 or line 5 to Guangzhou railway station, Exit F.


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