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Guangzhou HuiZhou Long Feng clothing store

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Where is the clothing wholesale market in Hui Zhou City, Guangdong? Where can we buy garments from Huizhou? Where is Guangdong Hui Zhou Long Feng Clothing Store?


Long Feng clothing store is located in the elegant environment, the bustling downtown shopping mall – second floor of Huizhou Longfeng market.


There are about 6000 square meters in the mall. What can we get from Hui Zhou Clothing Store market? We can find beaty products, skin card and make-up, perfume, dress, headdress for gentleman wear, men’s accessories, men's boutique, occupation dress, fashion, casual wear ladies casual exquisite accessories quality shoes, fashion girls loaded, the youth girl series, knitted sweater, fashionable shoes, leisure underwear sports clothing, children's clothing, children's, maternity etc.Long Feng clothing store


Hui Zhou Long Feng clothing store is one of the largest and most complete wholesale markets for clothing in HuiZhou. in order to adapt to the needs of the consumers, to the public to create a comfortable shopping environment, market investigation and management structure, the rectification and high-grade decoration large, part of the regional installed central air conditioning, mall rebuilding spacious staircase three, greatly changed the original malls suffering condition, bright and spacious shopping channel, commodity price Wumart, business civilization, so that the overall image and environment in shopping malls take on an altogether new aspect.


Tips: the market mainly deal with clothing and garments

Address: 2nd floor, Long Feng Market, Hui Cheng District, Huzhou City, Guangdong Province, China


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