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Shenzhen Seg Electronic Wholesale Market

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Where can we get digital products in China? Which is the whoesale market for electronics? How to buy TV in Guangdong? Is there a wholesale market for phones in China? Where can we wholesale cameras in SZ? Today, Learn More China introduce Huaqingbei electrinics market to you. 

The biggest electronics market in China and also in Asia is Huaqiangbei electronics center (华强北商业区) in Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Provice, China.Huaqiangbei, or spelled as Hua Qiang Bei, is a name of a street, Huaqiang North Road, or just called Hua Qiang Bei Lu. Shenzhen Seg Electronic Wholesale Market

Huaqiangbei is one of the busiest business circles areas in Shenzhen,  another business circle is Dongmen, which is also a name of a street.In Hua Qiang Bei, there are many electronics retailers ,wholesalers and shopping malls.like SEG electrics market, Baohua Mansion, Saibo Digital Market,etc.

Hua Qiang Bei used to be an industrial area when in the 1980s and the early of 1990s. There were over 40 electronics, comminication and home appliance factory building in the time,  and this area became more and more popular in the 1990s,  municipal government saw the opportunity and tranformed it and made it as a business center, and since there, many factories couldn't afford to pay the high rent and had to move away, more and more shopping centers have been built since 1998.

Hua Qiang Bei is 1 kelometer from south to north,  1.5 kelometer from west to east. The traffic is 0.5 million people per day.Over 10 thousands retailers, and more than 20 shopping malls.

Tips: What can we get from Hua Qiang Bei? We can buy digital products,electronics,TV,phone,camera,computer,watch,USB,vedio equipment,MP5,monitoring facility from Hua Qiang Bei Market. 

Here is the tips for how to go to Hua Qiang Bei: 
From Distance from Market Description guang zhou200km Bus Station--Shenzhen (30minutes per shuttle)
yiwu1247kmTrain--Shenzhen (two shuttles 15.02/16.46 )
Shanghai1510kmSouth Train Station (two shuttles 11.51/13.40)


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