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Toys and Jewelry

China Toys & Amusement Facilities Wholesale Market

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Where can we buy toys facilities from China? Is there a wholesale market for ausement facilities in China? Where is the wholesale market for toys and ausement facilities in Xi'An? How about China Toys & Amusement Facilities Wholesale Market? Today Learn More Chinese toys & ausement facilities wholesale market from Learn More China. 

China Toys & Amusement Facilities Wholesale MarketChina Toys and Amusement Facilities Wholesale Market, founded on March 22, 1994 and established in April 1995, is the first toys mall in northwest China. The market covers an area of 50mou and was invested by Xi’an Sangong Real Estate Co., Ltd, with 48 million yuan total investment. It sits in Tianjia Wan of east Xianning Road in Xi’an. Facing Northwest Sofa Accessory Market in north across the road with Chanhe Scenic Area to its east that leads directly to Xilan Expressway near Xikang Railway, the market has a superior geographic position and a convenient traffic. The market is divided into five areas namely toys and children’s articles area, amusement facility wholesale area, electric toys wholesale area, fitness appliance wholesale area and arts and crafts wholesale area. It has built more than 300 sets of houses and storages that could both live and do business in. It also provides a complete cabling facility of water and electric supply, telephones and cable television system, as well as a pleasant environment and a unique market structure.

Address: No 188 Tianjia Wan, East Xianning Rd, Xi’an.


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