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Where are the apparel wholesale markets in China? How to go to Chinese clothing wholesale markets? What is the garments wholesale markets in China? As more and more wholesalers and retailers came to China directly to look for wholesale market, where can we find wholesale markets in China? Here, Learn More China introduce several apprerl wholesale markets for you. 

Biama wholesale market is the biggest clothes wholesale market in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. It is a comprehensive wholesale market, the products range from men, women, children, leisure, shirt, underwear, etc. Store Number: over 2000.
Address: 16 Zhannan Rd Guangzhou Guangdong Province 广东省广州市站南路16号

CHINA APPAREL WHOLESALE MARKETSHumen Fumen Fashion City also locates in Guangdong Province which is the Chinese apparel manufacturing and wholesaling center. Fumin Fashion City is as famous as Guangzhou Baima Apparel wholesale market. It has a complete range of variety and have more than 1200 stores.
Address: Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province 广东省东莞市虎门镇

Huangzhou Sijiqing apparel wholesale market杭州四季青服装市场
Sijiqing Apparel wholesale market is one of Chinese most biggest and influential clothes wholesale market in China. More than 1200 manufacturer around the country open stores in this market. The annual sales value is more than 6 billion RMB.
Address: 31-59 Hanghai Rd Hangzhou Zhejiang province 杭州市杭海路31-59号

There are many other big apparel wholesale markets like Wuai in Shenyang and Dahongmen in Beijing... If you have more idea for Chinese apparel wholesale markets, welcome to let us know your idea any time. 


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