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Fujian Jinjiang Shoes Wholesale Market

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Where can we find shoes wholeslae market in Fujiang? Is there a wholesale market for shoes in JinJiang? Where are the shoes factories in Fujiang? Fujiang JianJiang shoes wholesale market is a leading wholesale market for shoes in China. 

Footwear industry is a traditional industry in Jinjiang, Fujian Province. Started in early 80s, experienced changes from small to large scale and from workshops to modern enterprises, the footwear industry is now in a mature stage of standard factory, modern management, serial production and scale benefit, and become a major shoe making base nation wide and a manufacture base of travel and sports shoes world wide. In March 2001, Jinjiang city was jointly named as Shoe City of China by four organizations including China Leather & Footwear Industry Research Institute.

There are over 3000 enterprises producing and selling shoes in Jinjiang with employees exceeding 350 thousand, annual output approaching 500 million pairs and annual revenue about 3 billion yuan. It has also raised a batch of renowned national brands such as Anta, Aile, Sanxing, etc, as well as a batch of export-oriented enterprises including Athletic, Guohui, Hengren and Aiqi.Fujian Jinjiang Shoes Wholesale Market

Footwear in Jinjiang is featured as various in category and complete in specification. There are hundreds of categories and specifications including sports shoes, travel shoes, leather shoes, sandals, galoshes, casual shoes, fashion shoes as well as hiking boots, handwork beading slippers, skates and boots, of which sports and travel shoes account for more than 60% of total output in Jinjiang and 1/4 in China. Among China’s top 20 sports & travel shoes manufacturers in terms of annual revenue in 2000, 8 were from Jinjiang. No developed footwear wholesale markets have been formed in Jinjiang yet. Most enterprises choose to negotiate and exhibit inside their factories, while purchasers pick up goods directly at site. However, the advertising boards are everywhere in Jinjiang, thus formed a strong wholesale atmosphere. Shoes purchasers are from all over China even overseas, such as Beijing, 

Shanghai, Chengdu, Fuzhou, Xiamen and US, Japan, East Europe, and Southeast Asia. Jinjiang’s yearly wholesale income of shoes is 7 billion yuan, while export income reaches 730 million dollars.

Jinjiang’s Footwear industry brought prosperous development to the markets of shoes materials and machines. The important footwear town, Chendai, has formed a Shoe-Material Street as long as several kilometers, which integrates together wholesale, retail, storage and transportation of shoe materials and accessories and machine exhibition as well. The market extends 1km long with over 300 companies whose products covering all kinds of shoe-materials and machines. 2 billion yuan annual turnover makes it one of the largest shoe material markets in east of China.

Almost all materials needed in producing leather and sports shoes such as sole, leather, metal buckles, tags and resin could be found in the Street. Most operators in shoe-material business are local enterprises while operators of shoe machines are mainly agents or representatives settled here by brand companies of other places. Buyers are mainly shoemaking enterprises from Jinjiang, Quanzhou, Shishi, Putian and Fuzhou. The monthly rent of stores here ranges from 40 to 60 yuan per square meter.

Tips: What can we buy from Fujian Jinjiang Shoes Wholesale Market? We can find leather shoes, sports shoes, metal bukles, tags, shoes accessories, shoes materials...Besides, we can find many shoes manufacturers among the market.


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