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BeiJing Mei Bo Cheng Beauty Wholesale Market

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There is a Mei Bo Cheng in Guangzhou for beauty products, is there other Mei Bo Cheng for beauty and cosmetics wholesale market in China? Where is the hairdressing supplies wholesale market in Beijing? Where is the Beijing beauty wholesale markets? Learn More China share details for Bei Jing Mei Bo Cheng with you. Welcome to share your idea for Chinese beauty and cosmetics markets. 

BeiJing Mei Bo Cheng Beauty Wholesale MarketBei Jing Mei Bo Cheng is located in No. 20-1, Dong Da Street, Zhu Shi Kou, BeiJing, China. In Oct. 2005, Guangzhou Mei Bo Cheng set up business in BeiJing. The market cover beauty and cosmetics business in the north of China. It makes Mei Bo Cheng can not only supply beauty and  cosmetics in the south of China, but also supply in the north of China. 

Why Mei Bo Cheng set up in Zhu Shi Kou? Because before there are many suppliers and shops for beauty, cosmetics and hairdressing supplies in this area, and then after rebuilt the market, several shops also set up business in this fild in the area. It is a recommend wholesale placs for cosmetics in BeiJing. 

There are 7 floors in BeiJing Mei Bo Cheng, more than one hundred facotries, agnets in BeiJing Mei Bo Cheng. They deals with more than 10,000 kincs of various haridressing supplies, covering beauty skin care, hairdressing and makeup products, beauty salon equipment, aromatherapy, fitness equipment, raw materials and packaging, aromatherapy, fitness equipment SPA instrument the production of machinery, etc..

Tips, what can we find when we go to Bei Jing Mei Bo Cheng? We can get the beauty products, cosmetics, hairdressing hair care products, aromatherapy, fitness equipment, raw materials and packaging etc...


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