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Zhongguancun Electronics Market Beijing

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Where can we look for electronics from China? Is there a electronics wholesale markets in BeiJing? Where is the Chiense electronics wholesale markets? Learn More China share some idea for Zhongguancun Electronics Market Beijing. Welcome to share your idea for Chinese electronics wholesale markets. 

Zhongguancun electronics shopping market provides a wide range of options for those who are interested in purchasing equipment ranging from MP3 players, mobile phones, cameras, computers and anything linked to Electronics.

Zhongguancun Electronics Market BeijingZhongguancun Electronics Market
The market is huge, composed of several shopping malls or shopping buildings! The most frequented areas include Dinghao electronic market(鼎好电子商城),Taipingyang digital market(太平洋数码城), Zhonghai electronic market (中海电子市场), Off-price shopping mall (上品优价百货), Zhongguancun plaza shopping mall (中关村广场购物中心 )and many more.Location: 27 Hai Dian Road,Hai Dian District, Beijing
Tel: 010-81191011
Opening Hours: 9.00am-9.00pm

Tips, how can we go to Zhongguancun Electronics Market Beijing? 

Subway: take subway line 10 or 4 and get off at the station of Haidian Huangzhuang (海淀黄庄), exit from Exit C1 or C2.
Bus: 26, 47, 302, 332, 320, 323, 732, 801, 862, 982, 983, Yuntong 105, Yuntong 106


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